Does Jesus really get it? I mean, after all, he lived a long time ago and the things we face are 21st century issues. Like, did he ever struggle with addiction issues? Internet porn? Insider trading? Road rage? Probably not those things… Read More

Does Jesus understand what I am experiencing? Does he get it when I feel betrayed and left out? What if my family treats me like an outsider? What about when I am angry? Or sad? Yep! He gets it all. I challenge… Read More

Here is something I easily forget…Jesus didn’t just come to end the animosity between us and God. Yes, he did that, but he also wanted to share all of life with us. Life is tough – some days worse than others. When… Read More

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Saturday! I wonder what is like in your part of the world. In Florida, where I am, it will be a sunny 76 degrees. In Indiana, where I live permanently, it is snowy and cold. Whatever it looks like for you, I… Read More

Genuine is a synonym of authenticity. Genuine can be defined as free from pretense, affectation or hypocrisy; sincere. As I ponder what that looks like in my life the words “free from pretense” stands out to me. Living free from pretense is… Read More

Authenticity means to represent one’s true nature or beliefs. It can be so easy to know in our depths that we are one person, but just as easily we live in a way that does not represent that knowledge. I think it… Read More

I believe Jesus is the most authentic person who ever lived. When I read the gospels, I am always inspired with the way Jesus lived from a place of being completely at home in his shoes. He knew who he was, he… Read More

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