There are certain things in life I want to hide. And appropriately so, I suppose. Once I had a reaction to some outdoor plant. Maybe it was poison oak or sumac but it was an itchy, oozy, open wound. It looked pretty gross. I kept it hidden. Read More

Next week is Thanksgiving Day. Many of us will gather around a table with family and friends to celebrate and be thankful. The table will be filled with traditional holiday food of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cranberries, green beans Read More

Have you ever imagined walking to your mailbox to retrieve the mail only to find an official but plain looking envelope from the office of a lawyer. With curiosity, you cautiously open it to find that you are the honorary beneficiary of someone’s will. Maybe it was the man next door who didn’t have any family that you helped get his groceries? Or the Read More

Home! No matter where my travels take me, there is always a yearning within for home, the place my heart is truly at peace.  So while I love to travel, I am always happy to be home again where familiarity and peacefulness embrace me.

It begins when I step off the international flight onto American soil that I have the first sense of being “home.” The process of customs and immigration is familiar. I can read and understand the signage, language and processes. I whisk through the line for Read More

Gratitude. That is what I feel today. Gratitude that I am in Bali, Indonesia listening to waves slide silently across the ocean below me making a gentle crashing sound as they meet the rocks and return to sea.

Gratitude as I watch the young Indonesian paddle his canoe across the water toward the shore. What he is doing out there, I do not know. Read More

Singapore is a green city. I am not referring to the Green City Movement which includes thousands of urban areas across the world striving to reduce negative impacts on the environment, although it is #8 on the list of Green Cities. It literally is a green city. As I look out the window of our 20th floor room, I see green everywhere. Trees and plants spring up not only from the ground, but on roof tops, in outdoor Read More

Today my heart is heavy. Earlier this week we visited the mountain villages of northern Thailand where I met the giraffe-necked women who live in the area. Curious why anyone would put brass rings around her neck, I asked one of our guides the history of these beautiful women and this unusual custom. As the article indicates, the history is a Read More

My sister and I love to shell together and I learned a few tricks from her. She helped me identify coral, sponge, worm shells and others. One day she suggested we change our focus and look only for very tiny shells. She held one up as an example. What a difference that made to our finds. Suddenly that was all I could see – miniature perfect replications of the larger shells we had just been finding. Read More

Lucy was a fearful dog. We brought her into our family as a tiny puppy who fit in the palm of my hand. She lived with us for many years and we loved her, cared for her, played with her, provided for her needs. But in spite of being loved, protected and cared for, she was fearful. Read More

I got a new toothbrush. It’s an automatic one that lets you know when you are finished brushing. You know, a vibration at two minutes. But this one has additional features. It gives a little “brrp brrp” every thirty seconds so you know it is time to go to the next quadrant. After three of those, the fourth one is the longer vibration that signals an Read More