In a couple of weeks, I am speaking at the spiritual renewal week at a local Christian high school. The theme is “We Were Made to Thrive” based on Casting Crowns song, “Thrive.” There is a phrase in the songs that says,… Read More

About a year ago, I wrote about kindness in Kindness Matters. I challenged myself to intentionally practice kindness toward myself and others. Today I want to respond to the challenge I accepted that day. I find it most difficult to be genuinely… Read More

Last week was my daughter’s birthday. On Monday she sent me a text with a recipe attached and asked if I would make pumpkin muffins for her birthday. Later that day while running errands, she gave me a printed copy of the… Read More

It was during my time of healing. Well, really before I got serious about it. Preparing for a half marathon consumed my time and my thoughts. I was also finishing my undergrad degree, taking a fine art class. It happened to be… Read More

When I was a child, before there were mega stores, internet shopping, Prime delivery and Instacart, there was Fred Meyer – B & B – as we so fondly called it. This store was a precursor, I suppose, to mega stores. One… Read More

In 2006, Dave and I undertook the arduous task of building a house. It was our second go around, but this time it was different. We built our forever home! There are so many choices and decisions to make when building. It… Read More

A friend and I decided to check out the local shopping opportunities and while on the way, we chatted about life, kids, family, jobs – you know, the usual friendly chatter. Somewhere in the conversation, my friend shared an encounter she had… Read More

Stay Calm and Carry On

Read: Hebrews 10:24-25 This is a busy week. Besides the fact that our youngest daughter’s wedding is just a month away, we are having a shrimp boil for the employees who work with/for my husband on Wednesday and camping at a friend’s… Read More

It’s a little scary how quickly time passes. It seems like only yesterday I looked forward to my mom coming to help me when my first child was born. That was 30 years ago. Now, I am enjoying the arrival of grandchildren… Read More

As a person who struggles with depression, I am too familiar with what it means to be weary. But that is only one kind of weariness. There is another kind of weariness common to all people, not just those, like me, who… Read More