Today we are getting the first real snow of the season. I admit, it isn’t really pretty yet. The snow is fine and wet, just beginning to cover the ground. The grass still peaks through and the concrete is warmer than the… Read More

I was privileged to visit Maui, Hawaii the last week of October. As sometimes happens, our flight home left at 10:15 p.m. Checkout time at the hotel was noon, of course, so we had about eight hours to kill before we left… Read More

I am the sixth child of seven, born to a Montana farmer and his wife. Dad sold Fuller Brush door-to-door in addition to farming to provide for a family of nine. Mom planted a huge garden, raised chickens, tended an orchard and… Read More

In a couple of weeks, I am speaking at the spiritual renewal week at a local Christian high school. The theme is “We Were Made to Thrive” based on Casting Crowns song, “Thrive.” There is a phrase in the songs that says,… Read More

About a year ago, I wrote about kindness in Kindness Matters. I challenged myself to intentionally practice kindness toward myself and others. Today I want to respond to the challenge I accepted that day. I find it most difficult to be genuinely… Read More

Last week was my daughter’s birthday. On Monday she sent me a text with a recipe attached and asked if I would make pumpkin muffins for her birthday. Later that day while running errands, she gave me a printed copy of the… Read More

It was during my time of healing. Well, really before I got serious about it. Preparing for a half marathon consumed my time and my thoughts. I was also finishing my undergrad degree, taking a fine art class. It happened to be… Read More

When I was a child, before there were mega stores, internet shopping, Prime delivery and Instacart, there was Fred Meyer – B & B – as we so fondly called it. This store was a precursor, I suppose, to mega stores. One… Read More

In 2006, Dave and I undertook the arduous task of building a house. It was our second go around, but this time it was different. We built our forever home! There are so many choices and decisions to make when building. It… Read More

A friend and I decided to check out the local shopping opportunities and while on the way, we chatted about life, kids, family, jobs – you know, the usual friendly chatter. Somewhere in the conversation, my friend shared an encounter she had… Read More