What is your passion? What drives you? What is it that you just cannot not talk about? What does your mind go to in every single conversation you have?

I didn’t use to know the answer to these questions. Vaguely, I might have answered “Jesus” because that seemed like the right answer and in many ways, it is my answer. But the last three years have helped to clarify my passion and formulate a response to these questions. More than ever, I desire to see fellow human beings live outside of the chaos of life in both the external world and the internal world of the mind.

Chaos exists in many forms. Sometimes, it is the sheer busyness of life. At times that busyness is a season such as when children are young or when transitioning to a new community. Sometimes, it is self-imposed busyness such as the inability to draw boundaries or to say no to the never ending barrage of seemingly good things a person can do. These things have a life span of their own – children get older, we settle into the new community, boundaries are set as a person learns to say no. Learning to live outside of the chaos in these seasons takes practice, but it is possible.

The other kind of chaos exists within our minds. It is unresolved hurts, soul injuries, wounds, places of loss, living with unmet core needs, believing lies about who I am as a person and/or as a child of the living God. These are sneaky, a bit more subtle, more difficult to identify and more destructive. They don’t tend to have a life span or season. In other words, they don’t just go away. Living outside of this destructive chaos requires intentionality in exposing the source and allowing truth to take its place.

I have sensed for some time that writing a daily post was coming to an end. I just wasn’t sure when that would happen. It seems now is the time. I believe there are those who are ready to step out of the chaos of life but they need assistance doing it. So, in preparation for working in a more personal, one-on-one capacity with individuals, I am making space in my life. That means letting something go, even when that something is good and enjoyable, like writing. I anticipate continuing to write, but not every day.

As I meditated on this the last few days, Moses and Joshua came to mind. Both were asked to lead the people through impossible situations – Moses through the Red Sea and Joshua through the Jordan River at flood stage. Neither saw the water part until they displayed their own faith. Moses lifted the staff over the sea and then the water parted. (Exodus 14:15-22) Joshua instructed the priests to enter the Jordan River at flood stage. The water didn’t part until the priests’ feet were wet. (Joshua 3:14-16) While I am not leading anyone across a dangerous body of water, I sense the need to step out in faith.

The Cabin is finished and is a physical space to step out of the chaos of daily life and take a few deep breaths. There is a bit of outside work to finish, but the Cabin is a refuge from the storms and chaos of life. We love seeing our dream come alive as we host guests who need refreshment in the chaos.

In addition to the physical space, I offer spiritual direction and guided retreat material. Spiritual direction is simply listening together with another for ways God is already moving in a person’s life. It is calling out what is already there and helping to identify next steps in the journey of becoming like Jesus.

Guided retreat materials help an individual by providing a plan for time away. It often isn’t the desire to have a personal retreat that is missing; it is knowing what to do when that time arrives. I help by providing scripture, thought provoking questions and activities that help a participant engage with the Holy Spirit in a directed way. You can check it all out on the website at cabinoff39.com.

Perhaps your thing is getting away to read or sleep for a few hours. The Cabin is the perfect destination. Maybe it is time for an intentional getaway with your partner. The Cabin is the perfect destination. Is it time to reconnect with your purpose? The Cabin is the perfect destination. Whatever your need, I invite you to consider the Cabin as a part of your plan.

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