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Daily Reads 04.18.2019

Following Jesus does not mean adhering to a long list of rules and regulations (legalism) designed to control our behavior so we are right with God. Jesus makes us right with God; we don’t have to work for righteousness. Reading: Colossians 2:18,… Read More

Jesus Alone – You bet!

I have always been a very devout person. I think my personality, my experiences – and perhaps my birth order – combined in me so that I always wanted to be “good.” I followed the rules (except once in fourth grade I… Read More

Daily Reads 04.08.2019

Today I am practicing JOMO. It’s not easy. Saying no to something brought up all kinds of FOMO. After all, was I going to miss something? What if it was really cool? What if they come home and say how wonderful it… Read More

Daily Reads 04.07.2019

Tonight as I sit to write, my heart is full. Earlier this evening, I watched the sunset over the water while I walked along the beach. Listening to the lapping of the waves, the calling of the birds, the muffled conversations of… Read More

Daily Reads 4.04.2019

Read: Matthew 18:21-22 I really believe Peter thought he was being big hearted when he asked Jesus how often he thought we should forgive the same person – like, maybe seven times? I can almost see him swagger a bit while asking…. Read More

Daily Reads 4.03.2019

Yesterday I picked up my granddaughter from daycare. Rather than going out to the highway which is fastest, I drove on the county roads. I saw all kinds of beautiful homes, fields, woods as the road curved up and over the hills… Read More

Beside the Still Water

As the sun makes it’s final descent into the horizon, I think of spring. Today has been beautiful! Cold, but beautiful. It is also spring break for many schools in my area and I couldn’t help but think about all the families… Read More

Daily Reads 04.01.2019

I am sure you have all heard the expression FOMO. If not, it is an acronym for “fear of missing out.” You know, those times when you are with friends and you really have to use the bathroom but you don’t want… Read More

Daily Reads 2.04.2019

This is my birthday week. Fifty some years ago my mom waited in expectation of a sixth child. She already had five children ages 7-10 and a one year old. She anticipated I would be a good playmate for my brother. Only… Read More

How do I get out?

For six years I taught junior high and high school Bible classes at a local Christian school. My favorite days were open forum discussions when, as a class, we considered the students’ questions. Most of the time our discussion ended on some… Read More