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Daily Reads 07.21.2019

Read: Psalm 121 Today as I read this psalm, verses 5 and 6 stand out to me. The last few days have been HOT! When I am outside, I look for shade or something that will protect me from the burning rays… Read More

Daily Reads 07.20.2019

Summer is in full swing…finally! And it is Saturday! What a great combination!! Read: Ecclesiastes 3:9-13 Today enjoy the fruit of your labor in some way! Allow yourself to sit back, relax and experience God in a fresh way.

Daily Reads 07.19.2019

Read: Isaiah 26:3, 7-9a I am sure I have read these verses before but when I read them again today I had to pause. My first response was, “Huh?” Seems to me that somedays my way has been rough and steep. So… Read More

Daily Reads 07.18.2019

Perspective. In eighth grade art class, I learned to draw a house in perspective. You know, so it looked three dimensional instead of just flat. I felt clever and accomplished. Perspective. It is what we need every day to keep ourselves from… Read More

Daily Reads 07.14.2019

Traditions. We started last week looking at my tradition of camping. What traditions do you value? How has remembering this week helped to spur you toward good traditions? Sunday observance is a tradition I value. I love my day of voluntary suspension… Read More

Did someone say camping?

Camping is foreign to some people. Maybe it is to you. I grew up camping. My childhood family of nine always had some sort of recreational vehicle – travel trailer, truck camper, renovated school bus, mini motorhome – we had it all… Read More

Daily Reads 07.07.2019

Today begins a week of vacation with my sister at a nearby campground. I hope to do some reading, relaxing and renewing with great books, food and friends. I thought a lot on Thursday, the 4th, about holidays. Some 200+ years ago… Read More

Daily Reads 07.06.2019

Read: Romans 8:1-4 Freedom in a nutshell. And because of Jesus, nothing condemns me. And there isn’t any better news than that! Have a great weekend!

Daily Reads 07.05.2019

Sometimes I am afraid of freedom. Afraid that without the boundaries of rules and regulations; of stated right and wrong, I will go astray. Read: Galatians 5:16 And that’s why we have the Holy Spirit. He is faithful to guide us. Paul… Read More

Daily Reads 07.04.2019

Today we are celebrating with our family. Dave’s famous pulled pork, corn-on-the-cob, watermelon, outdoor games, and a sprinkler! What could be better? Read: Galatians 5:5-8 Today I will also celebrate that God has called me to live in freedom. For many years… Read More