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Daily Reads 06.17.2019

She’s here! And she is perfect! Born Friday evening, weighing 6 lbs. 11 oz. and 19 1/2 inches long. The wait is over. We talked about her for so long, preparing her big sister for her arrival. And yet when she came,… Read More

Daily Reads 06.12.2019

Consider the Johari window I wrote about yesterday. The open area is the place we wear our best selves. Perhaps a bit like the mannequins in a window display. We put the best outfit there with the correct accessories and hope it… Read More

Daily Reads 06.09.2019

Today…an opportunity to gather in community with other like-minded folks. Sometimes I wonder if it’s really that important and then I attend our worship service and have a spectacular time. To be honest, the best times are when I step out of… Read More

Daily Reads 06.06.2019

Read: Micah 7:7-8 Micah was confident and it inspires me to be courageous. If you take time to read the whole chapter, you will see that he lived in tumultous times. And yet his confidence wasn’t in what he could see or… Read More

I’m waiting…

We wait. In lines. In traffic. At appointments. We wait. For test results. For seasons to change. For sun. For rain. We wait. For the pregnancy test to say “YES”. For the time to be right to pop the question. To buy… Read More

Daily Reads 06.03.2019

Change. We pray for change. We dread change. We desire change. Change happens when we seek it and when we avoid it. It’s a part of life. Some change is desired; other change is avoided. This change in our lives is celebrated!… Read More

Daily Reads 05.31.2019

The strategic planning exercise we participated in at Ashland University challenged me. I had done the same type of activities in other settings, but our instructor simplified it for us. He suggested the process to get from where we are to where… Read More

Daily Reads 05.26.2019

For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him. Philippians 2:13 This is an awesome reminder. Too often I see obedience to Christ as a powerfully difficult job. But in reality, when I… Read More

Daily Reads 05.25.2019

I contain the treasure of God in a common clay jar. Troubles come and go, but nothing is here to stay. I fix my gaze on what is eternal rather than temporary. I am a new person because of Christ so I… Read More

Daily Reads 05.09.2019

We have all the time we need. What happens when we have enough time for others? What happens when others have enough time for us? Recently my daughter, Emily, shared with me what it meant to her for someone to share with… Read More