Read: John 7:3-5 I wonder what the expectation for the oldest child was in a Jewish family. In one resource it said, “Sons, especially the firstborn, were the guarantee of lineage and the promise of maintaining family holdings.”* Jesus’ announcement to his… Read More

Jesus was the first child to Joseph and Mary. He wasn’t, of course, Joseph’s biological son. Having been conceived by the Holy Spirit, Joseph took Mary as his wife and raised Jesus as raised his own son. He was known in the… Read More

I can’t help but think about family right now. As I scroll through Facebook, I see the well wishes to fathers and grandfathers and significant men from mothers, wives and daughters. Gratefulness for healthy families, silence when relationships are strained. We added… Read More

She’s here! And she is perfect! Born Friday evening, weighing 6 lbs. 11 oz. and 19 1/2 inches long. The wait is over. We talked about her for so long, preparing her big sister for her arrival. And yet when she came,… Read More

I invite you to join me online today as I preach at Maple City Chapel in Goshen, Indiana. We will continue our series on the Bible – how it came to us and how to read it for all it is worth…. Read More

Read: Psalm 139:12-16 The fourth, and final pane, is the area we don’t know and others don’t know either. This is an exciting place! Here is all our untapped potential, skills, dreams, abilities, possibility! I love the reading today because it reminds… Read More

One more thought on blind spots. Yesterday I suggested one strategy to discovering our blind spots is asking someone we know and trust to help us. In this way, we become aware of those habits that do not serve us well. But… Read More

The third pane of the Johari window is blind spots. Obviously, we can’t detect our own blinds spots simply because we are, well…blind to them. There is something we can do to grow in this area. Recently, I presented an idea I… Read More

Consider the Johari window I wrote about yesterday. The open area is the place we wear our best selves. Perhaps a bit like the mannequins in a window display. We put the best outfit there with the correct accessories and hope it… Read More

I think I know a lot about myself. You know…my weaknesses, strengths, hang ups, prejudices. I’m self-aware. At least I think so. And then something happens and I am surprised that I am not as aware as I thought. The other day… Read More