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Daily Reads 07.22.2019

You don’t know what you don’t know. I think that’s the reason we become parents. Seriously! If we knew how hard it would be, we might take a second thought. But I know why I had children in spite of how difficult… Read More

Daily Reads 07.20.2019

Summer is in full swing…finally! And it is Saturday! What a great combination!! Read: Ecclesiastes 3:9-13 Today enjoy the fruit of your labor in some way! Allow yourself to sit back, relax and experience God in a fresh way.

Daily Reads 07.19.2019

Read: Isaiah 26:3, 7-9a I am sure I have read these verses before but when I read them again today I had to pause. My first response was, “Huh?” Seems to me that somedays my way has been rough and steep. So… Read More

Daily Reads 07.18.2019

Perspective. In eighth grade art class, I learned to draw a house in perspective. You know, so it looked three dimensional instead of just flat. I felt clever and accomplished. Perspective. It is what we need every day to keep ourselves from… Read More

Daily Reads 07.17.2019

I am restless today. The restlessness is in my body, not my mind. My mind is at peace. It’s an odd combination for me. Read: Isaiah 26:3-4 What did I do today with a restless body and a peaceful mind? I helped… Read More

Authenticity 101

Tonight I am watching the Chicago Cubs play the Cincinnati Reds at Wrigley Field in Chicago. It is “authentic Cub fan night” and you are invited to send in your picture to be used later in the evening on the big screen…. Read More

Daily Reads 07.15.2019

Thanks for walking down memory lane with me the last few days. It’s been fun to call to mind events from the past that have shaped and molded who I have become. As I remember, I see two benefits. First, remembering helps… Read More

Daily Reads 07.13.2019

Camping with children is hard work, but rewarding. Bikes are a necessity especially if the campground has adequate trails/roads that are safe for the kids on bikes. For many years, we camped with our children at a local campground. Always going with… Read More

Daily Reads 07.12.2019

Read: Philippians 4:11-13 My husband and I started camping when we were first married. Surprisingly, although my husband worked in the RV (recreational vehicle) industry, we didn’t own a camper. Our first experience was in a tent. I was in my first… Read More

Daily Reads 07.11.2019

Read: Proverbs 15:1-4 One summer our family and my uncle’s family piled into our campers and went to Beverly Beach in Washington to meet up with our cousins from Oregon. This was a fancy campground with a store filled with enticing treats… Read More