The other day my friend told me she did three things she’s never done before. “How wonderful!” I said. “Do tell!”

Her never before done deeds were: powerwashing her front porch, trimming her boxwoods with a power trimmer and fasting for twenty-four hours. I was so proud of her for each of these accomplishments. But only the last one stuck with me. You see, she paused.

I didn’t quiz her regarding the motivation behind her twenty-four hour fast. No matter the reason, she paused. She paused what was normal for her, she set aside her normal routine in favor of a pause; a reset, if you will.

It kept coming to me. She paused. Something needed to hold, to be set aside for just twenty -four hours. I am so proud of her; so proud of anyone who has the courage to pause.

It simply is not possible to keep on doing the same things, expecting different results. I was challenged, yes even convicted, by my friend’s decision to pause. The next day, I asked myself what needed to pause, to be set aside for awhile. This one simple phrase came to me:

Be still, and know that I am God!

Psalm 46:10

There is very good reason to pause. It is to be available to know that HE is God!

Thanks, friend, for the wonderful example and reminder that nothing is so important it can’t be paused! What will you pause today? If nothing else, take a moment to read all of Psalm 46. It is really beautiful and holds so many promises!

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