I am a sewist. That means I sew things. Mostly pieced quilts, bags of all types and once in a while, a clothing item for my granddaughters or their dolls. There is one indicator it is time for me to take a break, to pause, if you will. When I spend more time correcting mistakes than making progress, it’s time for a break. Put it down and come back later – probably tomorrow.

When considering my life, determining if a pause is in order, I consider how much time I spend fixing things rather than moving forward.

If I spend more time apologizing than expressing gratitude or joy, I need to pause.

If I am crying more than laughing, I need to pause.

If I am criticizing more than building up, I need to pause.

Pausing looks different for everyone. It might be laying aside the project until tomorrow when it can be seen with fresh eyes. It might be running a warm bubble bath with candles, a favorite beverage, music or a book. It might be taking an evening to watch a good movie. It might be taking an evening with friends at an escape room or other group game event. It might be physically getting away alone for a night or two to sleep, brainstorm next life steps or focus on a hobby.

For me, the most difficult step to pausing is giving myself permission to step away and refocus. My inner voice tells me I should be doing more, working harder, pushing aside the chaos and pressing in. If I just tried harder, I could do it. That is not the voice I want to listen to. There is another voice and it says this:

8My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.” And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.”

Psalm 27:8

Let this be your prayer today. The invitation to pause is there; it is for you to enjoy. What will your pause look like? How will you be refreshed today?

I recommend pausing for a few minutes and reading all of Psalm 27.

2 Comments on “OUT OF THE CHAOS 03.22.2022”

  1. So good! I recognize that same need to pause when I’m crafting and making too many mistakes, but I never tied it to my spiritual life as well. It’s so true…thanks for the insight, friend!


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