Camping is foreign to some people. Maybe it is to you. I grew up camping. My childhood family of nine always had some sort of recreational vehicle – travel trailer, truck camper, renovated school bus, mini motorhome – we had it all… Read More

What does freedom mean to me? It means walking down a street unafraid that I will be stopped, questioned or imprisoned. It means choosing the car I drive, the house I buy, the clothes I wear, the food I eat and the… Read More

The first time I encountered a ropes course was my first year of teaching in 2008. Every fall the high school students participated in a three day event designed to build community. Interterm, as it was called, offered a different activity each… Read More

I can’t help but think about family right now. As I scroll through Facebook, I see the well wishes to fathers and grandfathers and significant men from mothers, wives and daughters. Gratefulness for healthy families, silence when relationships are strained. We added… Read More

Years ago, in a leadership training session, we utilized the Johari window model shown below. It was initially developed in 1955 by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingram to enhance communication in group settings by developing trust through sharing about yourself and learning… Read More

We wait. In lines. In traffic. At appointments. We wait. For test results. For seasons to change. For sun. For rain. We wait. For the pregnancy test to say “YES”. For the time to be right to pop the question. To buy… Read More

The focus at our house the last week has been the landscaping. Memorial Day means different things to different people. For some it is graduation, for others a wedding, for others remembering a fallen comrade. For me, it is my deadline to… Read More

When I was in high school, our church youth group planned an annual retreat and invited high school age students from the churches in our conference. It was a weekend event with a speaker, planned games/activities, food and fun. I loved it.

My decision to see a kinesiologist came after some friends observed me getting off a bar height chair at a restaurant to go to the ladies room. When I returned to the table, they asked me what in the world was wrong…. Read More

How often in a day do you say “Hurry up!” That phrase pops into my head way more than I care to admit. I am most likely to say, “Come on! Hurry up!” when I am driving. No one drives quite as… Read More