I am Beverly.

I am a child of God — deeply loved, adopted as His very own child with a place at the Table and an Inheritance. (Galatians 4:4-7) I know that–in my head; it took a while to reach my heart. It wasn’t immediate or easy, but when I believed that, my life changed.

I am a wife. My husband, Dave, is the greatest gift God has ever given to me. I have friends who are effusive about their spouses and I’ve looked at them in wonder (and quite frankly, disbelief) as they exclaimed about their husbands amazing qualities. No one can be that cool. But Dave actually is that cool! We’ve been married 33 years… sometimes the years were short and sometimes they were really long. But through thick and thin, Dave has endured – well, WE have endured. I know living with me has not always been easy. I’ve struggled with depression and that can be hard for him too. Sometimes I forget to be grateful or affirming; I’m self-centered at times and I confess, sometimes I’ve had a to-do list. But through it all, we keep saying I do! I couldn’t be happier about our decision 33 years ago to say “I DO” the first time.

I am a mother. Dave and I have three wonderful adult children – Emily, Ryan and Katlyn. Emily is married to Cory, Ryan is married to Kelcy, Katlyn is married to Zac; all are gainfully employed, contributing to society in a positive way and living on their own. What more could a mama want? They are sincerely my greatest life achievement and contribution to this world!

I am a grandmother. Emily and Cory have two daughters – Finley and Harper. Ryan and Kelcy have one daughter – Brooklyn. Suffice it to say, they are amazing. I cannot get enough of watching them as they make discoveries about life and how it works. We feed fish, listen to E-I-E-I-O, chew gum, play with sidewalk chalk, bake cookies and enjoy life. I’m looking forward to many more grandchildren, but all in time! (That’s what I tell myself when I am tempted to be pushy with the kids.)

Dave and I decided before we had children that I would stay home when babies came. In 1989, I left the world of work outside our home to welcome our first child. In the last 29 years I have had various part time jobs to supplement our income, but have never gone back to full-time work. In 2001, I was blessed to return to college graduating in 2007 with my BA in Bible and Ministry. I continued taking classes toward a Masters degree while also holding a position as the chaplain/Bible teacher at a private school. In 2011, I earned my Masters of Ministry (MMIN). I taught school until 2014 when I semi-retired.

For many years I taught classes at our church and preached a few times but recently our life situation changed slightly (and by that I mean it was chaotic!) and after much prayer, I decided to use an online forum to share with others what God means to me and how he has taught me to step out of the chaos.

Welcome to the journey! I’m glad you’ve decided to join me!

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