I got a new toothbrush. It’s an automatic one that lets you know when you are finished brushing. You know, a vibration at two minutes. But this one has additional features. It gives a little “brrp brrp” every thirty seconds so you know it is time to go to the next quadrant. After three of those, the fourth one is the longer vibration that signals an adequate brushing. It has another feature I have not used yet. There are two speeds – regular and gentle. Nice!

The final feature that took a week of brushing to understand is the flashing red light on the back of the brush. When I first used the brush, I noticed the flash every few seconds. I didn’t know what it was telling me. I thought maybe it was a countdown for the 30 second quadrant brushing. But it was not very consistent. Then after a few days of brushing – I got it. Wow! How had I missed it? The flashing red light signaled I was brushing too hard! It meant I needed to lighten up! Even my toothbrush is teaching me KINDNESS MATTERS. And maybe it begins with being kind to me.

A couple of weeks ago Shaunti Feldhaun shared the pulpit with our pastor, Jay. Together they talked about how important kindness is and the power of kindness to transform any relationship. Check out the 30 Day Kindness Challenge to see what it’s all about and consider joining in this supernatural event.

I was challenged. Did you know that whether or not you thrive in relationships depends more on how you treat others than on how you are treated? You have the ability to determine if you will thrive! That’s amazing!!! I’m super interested in knowing how kindness can change my relationships. Shaunti and Jay made claims that kindness has super powers. I couldn’t help myself, I had to do some more exploration. I bought the book. I started experimenting with the three principles of the challenge – 1) don’t say anything negative to/about your person – to them or anyone else. 2) find something to praise your person for every day – tell them and someone else. 3) do an act of generosity for your person every day.

It’s harder than you think.

I even took the assessment to understand my kindness quotient. I might not be as kind as I thought. Someday I will share my quotient.

I don’t know enough yet to give any solid evidence that kindness will change everything. But I can tell you this…kindness makes me feel better. I don’t love choosing someone else above myself (I am pretty normal), but when I do, I feel joy. I know I did the right thing.

I’m new to this kindness challenge. I haven’t decided who “my person” will be or if I will do the challenge. But I have decided that kindness matters. Jesus demonstrated it. Paul commanded it (Ephesians 4:32). As I read Paul’s words to us, he tells us to get rid of all kinds of bad feelings, words and emotions in verse 31 and it seems like he gives the antidote to all of that in verse 32. “Instead, be kind to each other…” You should check it out.

I’m going to finish the book and then ask the Lord which relationship in my life needs improving. I’m afraid it isn’t going to be easy but I know that in the end, I will be better for it. In a couple of weeks I will report back about this, so…

Until next time…

May the Lord bless you and protect you.

May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you.

May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.

Numbers 6:24-26

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