It was Friday morning in the dark hours of early morning when the phone rang. My daughter needed me to come be with the girls. Finley had a fever. I stumbled out of bed, grabbing my toothbrush on the way to feed the dog. It’s electronic (you can read about it here in Kindness Matters) with a red warning light if I brush too hard.

In the darkness of the morning and my hurried movements to get to my daughter, the red light flashed more than normal. Or perhaps I just don’t notice it in the light of the day. As I kept being reminded to brush with a lighter touch, I wondered what it would be like if we had that kind of sensor in our minds.

My tone gets too sharp – red light flashes. My words are sarcastic or unkind – red light flashes. My eyes flash hatred, my face marked with derision – red light flashes. My thoughts are cruel or unkind – red light flashes.

I wondered in those early morning hours, in the two minutes I brushed my teeth, how often a red light would flash in my every day life. Once, twice, three times? Would I stop to make adjustments?

As you begin the week, I challenge you to consider your actions not only toward others, but toward yourself? Listen to the internal flashing of the Spirit as he leads you toward life and wholeness!

I am fully convinced, my dear brothers and sisters, that you are full of goodness.

Romans 15:14

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