Can you believe it is Saturday already! Where does the time go?

The reading for today is almost too important to put on Saturday, but here I go.

There are times – well, too many times – when thoughts morph into temptations and temptations grow into sin and consequences soon follow. It might be broken relationships, financial losses, internal torment. What happens now?

Earlier we talked about the importance of confession and repentance. And that’s just what needs to happen when sin overtakes us.

Read: Psalm 32

I know the reading is a bit lengthy today, but it is an amazing and magical psalm. David writes so clearly about the internal torment of unconfessed sin and the joy and lightheartedness of forgiveness and restoration in relationship. There is so much hope in this psalm.

My encouragement today is to take your thoughts, temptations and sin to Jesus at the cross. He understands completely and is ready to talk about all that is going on in your life.

May your weekend be blessed beyond your wildest hopes!

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