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Daily Reads 3.24.2019

Today as you prepare for Sunday, take a few minutes to listen to this faith affirming song. It truly is Christ alone! He is a person who will not disappoint!

Daily Reads 3.23.2019

Read: Romans 15:13 God is our source of hope, and when we trust in him, we will be filled with joy and peace. Then confident hope will be ours in abundance through the work of the Holy Spirit. Hope doesn’t mean the… Read More

Daily Reads 3.14.2019

Read Nehemiah 5:19; 6:1-3, 14 What do you do when you face an adversary? Or when an adversary wants to meet with you? Do you have a strategic plan? Nehemiah did. Continually throughout the story, Nehemiah responded to criticism, taunts, intimidation and… Read More

Daily Reads 3.10.2019

The first day of a new week! A beautiful time to dedicate to the Lord. So wherever you find yourself today, set some time aside to see life in a new way and give thanks to him for all his goodness to… Read More

Daily Reads 3.08.2019

Even those who lived in the first century wanted to know who Jesus’ was. But Jesus’ answer often seemed vague and veiled. Read: John 10:22-33 This encounter occurred near the end of Jesus’ life. The people are curious about his identity; they… Read More

What do I do with Jesus?

The first time I encountered the need to respond to Jesus was in the summer of 1971. I was at a family reunion with my parents and younger sister in Colorado. Maybe there were other siblings there too – I don’t remember.

How is your diet?

Years ago, when Dave and I were first married, I enjoyed reading books by Janette Oke, Gilbert Morris, Lori Wick and other authors who wrote Christian fiction. I love to read and once I start I book I can hardly put it… Read More

Daily Reads 2.24.2019

Last week I worshiped at my home church in Indiana. It wasn’t the best for me. I only tell you that because I want you to know that even for someone connected to a body of worshipers, I have off Sundays. I… Read More

Daily Reads 2.23.2019

The final principle is key to changing how you interact with the world. I have been so blessed by this passage and my prayer is that you have been as well. Read: Judges 6:11-18 Fourth Principle: Go with what you have and he will make it enough. When the angel first spoke with Gideon,… Read More

Daily Reads 2.22.2019

Heads up! Today is a bit longer than I aim to have the daily readings. This principle is so important I didn’t feel right cutting it short. We are making so much progress. An invitation has been issued to come out of… Read More