I am sure you have all heard the expression FOMO. If not, it is an acronym for “fear of missing out.” You know, those times when you are with friends and you really have to use the bathroom but you don’t want to go for fear of missing out.

Even my 2 year old granddaughter gets FOMO. We were there the other night at her bedtime and my daughter put her to bed. She cried and said she was “all done with night night.” Every tactic she came up with failed to get her more time with the adults. Finally, she asked for grandma and my daughter let me go in and rock her. Of course, she wanted to read books and play games but I honored my daughter’s wishes and we sang. We sang every song I could think of and then I made up a few. Thirty minutes later she was ready to sleep. FOMO is a powerful thing.

But what about JOMO? Have you ever experienced that? I only recently learned about this phenomenon from Instagram. Two writers I follow introduced me to the “Joy Of Missing Out” – JOMO. The difference between the two? One is an internal choice you make and embrace. The other is an external force to be resisted.

JOMO is the joy of missing out and feeling content with staying in and disconnecting as a form of self-care. (Thanks Brene Brown)  I think my heart rate slowed, my breathing relaxed and my mind eased just writing those words. How often do we give ourselves permission to stay home, to say no because it will be good for our souls? Do we do well recognizing the need to disconnect? Does self-care come easily?

Read: Psalm 23

In what way does your soul need to be restored? Perhaps a mental walk with the Lord through green pastures and beside still waters is just what you need today!

Happy Monday, friends! Thanks for stopping by!

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