As the sun makes it’s final descent into the horizon, I think of spring. Today has been beautiful! Cold, but beautiful. It is also spring break for many schools in my area and I couldn’t help but think about all the families traveling to warm destinations for some much needed family time.

My mind wandered to our spring break trips. Honestly, there were not very many for some reason. It just wasn’t a priority to our family to go away during this week, but we did take a few. And the memories make me smile.

I remember laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe. Camping beside a stream that sang the most melodious song you can imagine; long hikes, short nights, sunburned faces and amazing food. Blistered feet, white sand and all you can eat crab.

I don’t remember the chaos. But I know it was there. Kids fighting, young ones crying, older ones snickering, tired bodies. It is the beautiful thing we call having children and raising a family. I wouldn’t miss it for the world, even when it costs me everything I have in energy, patience and money. I love family.

Maybe this week you are in the midst of spring break. It might be that you are the one on white sand beaches with sunburned kids and tired bodies. Or maybe you are like me, at home with only memories. Your kids are at the age where they take their kids on spring break. And you are left at home.

To those with young children on spring break, chaotic with emotions and sunburns, I say – this too shall pass! It’s a season, so embrace it with everything you have. Enjoy the moments, eat great food, enjoy ice cream and beaches and sand. Soon they will be gone.

To those at home with their memories of spring break, chaotic because it is past and the future looks uncertain without the kids as a buffer. Embrace it! You have done well. Enjoy the opportunity to create new memories with your spouse. Enjoy being a home base that is safe and secure.

Today I sat at my window looking out at the yard with my window cracked just a bit so I could hear the birds. And I pondered life. I’ve been a bit melancholy lately. Today I felt like I shouldn’t give the melancholy too much space. It is what it is.

And I pondered life. It seems so predictable day after day. What is our purpose? Why are we here? For me, it is to reflect God’s glory and further his purposes in the world around me.

And then I wondered how or if I had done that today. It doesn’t have to be news worthy, because most of what I do is not. Today, I took my morning to go to the vet with my daughter. She was anxious about going alone. I believe it glorified God to go with her.

This afternoon, I sewed and finished things I had started. I believe it glorifies God to finish what we start.

Tonight, I made dinner and invited my youngest daughter and her boyfriend to join us. I believe it glorified God to extend hospitality.

So no matter where you are today or what stage of life you are in, embrace it. It will so soon be gone and you will wonder what happened to all the time. Set your eyes on being a person who makes a difference wherever you find yourself. This is something you will never regret.

And remember to enjoy the still water moments, when reflection is all that is necessary.

Until next time…

May the Lord bless you and protect you.

May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you.

May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.

Numbers 6;24-26

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