The first day of a new week! A beautiful time to dedicate to the Lord. So wherever you find yourself today, set some time aside to see life in a new way and give thanks to him for all his goodness to you.

Read: Psalm 19:1-4

Thursday I went to the beach to scavenge shells with friends from North Carolina. We loved every minute of the looking and finding, surprised by all that rolled onto the beach at the North Jetty. Suddenly, I looked up to the sky. It was the most beautiful color of blue in every direction. Looking out into the gulf, the water was the loveliest green. In the horizon, the green of the gulf met the blue of the sky, stretching out for miles. It was absolutely stunning.

I realized that for the last hour I had my eyes on the sand and although I was finding treasures, I completely missed the beauty of the sea and sky.

Don’t forget to look around you today and see all the beauty of your surroundings. It might be people, landscape, or treasures, but God is showing up everywhere.

Photo by Chad Kirchoff on

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