Read Nehemiah 5:19; 6:1-3, 14

What do you do when you face an adversary? Or when an adversary wants to meet with you? Do you have a strategic plan?

Nehemiah did. Continually throughout the story, Nehemiah responded to criticism, taunts, intimidation and accusations in several ways. First, he prayed. He asked God to remember him and what he was trying to do and he asked for God’s favor.

Secondly, he strategically planned. He discerned the intent of an inquiry and wasn’t afraid to tell someone to take a hike. When asked to come meet with his opposition, he said no. He didn’t have time for their games.

Finally, he knew his opponents. (Nehemiah 2:19-20) When adversaries came, he knew they didn’t belong and told them so.

Sometimes I don’t respond with discernment. I want to keep people happy and not hurt anyone’s feelings. There are times when boldness should characterize my actions. I need to move with confidence in the direction I am called, even when it means facing opposition.

How do you need to identify and expose the adversaries in your life? Are you spending too much time listening to critiques and taunts? Step away and pray for wisdom. Then refuse to listen to discouraging words that are meant to keep you from the task before you. Just say no!

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