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Daily Reads 06.01.2019

This morning I sat down to read, opening to 2 Timothy. I am preparing for a sermon I will preach in a couple of weeks, so I read with extra attentiveness Paul’s words to his friend, Timothy. Read: 2 Timothy 1:1, 12… Read More

It’s all in Perspective

“You are ruining my life!” (Please read in a whiny, crying voice – maybe even with some exaggerated eye rolling while throwing head back.) Have you ever said that to anyone? Maybe your parents? Maybe God? My daughter said that to me… Read More

You Matter

Do I matter? Am I making a difference? These are questions we all wrestle with at one time or another. The innate need to be significant and live with purpose is something we can’t ignore. It tolls within us like the midnight… Read More

Just keep swimming…

I love the movie¬†Finding Nemo. Probably because I love Dory so much. I understand her… I think…I can’t really remember. But some of the greatest advice of all time comes from that movie. Dory reminds Marlin at one