We have all the time we need. What happens when we have enough time for others? What happens when others have enough time for us?

Recently my daughter, Emily, shared with me what it meant to her for someone to share with her all the time she needed. My daughter is in full nesting mode. If you aren’t familiar with nesting, it is when a pregnant woman approaches her due date and she gathers all the necessary staples to prepare for the birth of her child. Emily wanted to stock up at a local warehouse store but wasn’t able to go with her husband. It turned out she needed to go alone with her two-year-old in tow. Her one full cart turned into two carts after it was boxed and ready for the car. And then she tells me…

The part I had been dreading – loading the car. Did I mention I had a lot of stuff? I took a deep breath and started to load. The first box was heavy; then I bent down to start pulling items from the bottom of the cart. I won’t get into the details, but I was very uncomfortable. As I stood up, a lady was walking past and asked, “would you mind if I helped you?” I paused, considering whether or not I really needed the help, and then said, “yea, that would be great.”

She handed items to me, helping me play life size tetris to get everything loaded safely. She took the first empty cart to the stall – I glanced up and watched her and noticed she had come with someone else. She came back and continued to help me load my car, insisting she do the lifting. Filled with more gratitude than I knew how to express, I said “thank you so much, you most certainly did not have to do this.” 

She promptly responded, “I have all the time we need – my dad is retired so we are just out and about this morning.” 

She waited till the final item was loaded and then took my second cart to the cart stall.

She was an angel to me today – entirely a stranger, stepping in to lend a hand to a young expectant mother. Her genuine offer of time made me feel valued, seen, and treasured. Her act of kindness reminded me that my heavenly father values and sees and treasures me too; and knows the ins and outs of my every need. 

Do you have time to help someone today? You might just be someone’s angel!

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