Last week, it rained here in our corner of the world. It didn’t rain a little; it rained a lot. Inches and inches. I made several observations last week regarding the rain and the plants on my deck.

First, there is nothing like rain to make plants grow. I can water and water the containers with the hose, but the rain takes the plants to the next level of growth. Maybe it is the lightening often accompanying the rain or maybe there are nutrients in the air that are washed onto the plants. Whatever the reason, rain proves to be more satisfying to the plants than water from the hose.

Secondly, if the pot doesn’t have a drain hole, the plant will cease to thrive at some point. I noticed one of my pots looked a bit droopy and sad. I could hardly believe it would be dry, but I instinctively watered it anyway. The next day it didn’t look any better so I investigated more thoroughly. Upon closer inspection, I discovered the plant was too wet. I carefully turned the pot on it’s side and found it had no drain holes. My granddaughter and I found a drill and a half inch bit and before too long, the pot had holes. Now I am waiting to see if it will dry out sufficiently to recover from its waterlogged condition.

As per usual, I found myself making spiritual applications of the rain and its effects on my plants. I thought about how often I try to provide for my own needs, relying on what I can do to grow. It’s important to be alone in the presence of Jesus, to immerse myself in the word, to listen for his voice (watering from the hose). But there is nothing like an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on my life (rainfall). It’s that much needed refreshment that comes because I position myself to be where he is. For me, that means being around other believers, joining in community, sharing life with other travelers along this road by gathering for prayer, worship, the Word, and food. Yes, sharing a meal is spiritual! If I had brought my plants inside or covered them up, they would not have been in a position to receive the rain. If I never position myself to be where the Spirit is at work, I won’t receive his rain either.

I thought about my pot that didn’t have a way for excess water to run out. It was dying from too much of a good thing. In “The God Shaped Brain,” author Dr. Timothy Jennings talks about the importance of serving others in a volunteer capacity. He cites statistics that show those who volunteer live longer and are happier people. When I look at my plant, it makes sense to me. If we hold tightly to all the blessings we receive, we will die. Too much of a good thing is too much. But if we constantly give of ourselves in service to others, we remain healthy and vibrant. We might even exceed expectations, like my plants this year.

38Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full—pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back.

Luke 6:38

Where do you find yourself right now? In need of a cleansing rain of the Spirit? Or are you needing to get out and give some of the blessing away? There is always more and he is committed to supply all you need. Give generously, hang out where the Spirit is evident, look to the Son and you will thrive!

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