Today I was talking with a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile. It was one of those times when, as we talked, I had an alternate conversation running inside my head. The conversation you could hear regarded the selection of our lunch spot. The other one, the one only I could hear, concerned an area that I need to SHOW UP!

Of course, all this happened in a split second, but as I listened to the words running through my head I made an amazing discovery. It isn’t really new – just to me in that very moment.

In order for me to be really successful showing up in a life changing way, I need to be accountable. I needed to tell my friend the change I want to make. So I did.

Read: Proverbs 27:17; Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

The idea is that together we are better. Sharing our goals with others we trust actually strengthens and sharpens what we are trying to accomplish.

Today while I was flying, I heard the flight attendant coming down the aisle with the drink cart. I was really sleepy and not at all hungry or thirsty so I decided I wasn’t going to get anything — not even the free snack. But, of course, there was no one to tell except my seat mate and I am positive he didn’t care.

When the flight attendant came near you know what I did? I put my tray table down and said, “I’ll have coffee and the snack mix.” Now, that isn’t a big deal, but anything we keep secret has less chance of becoming reality in in our lives. We are better together.

Who are the one or two others you will share with regarding where you are SHOWING UP?

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