Good morning! As you prepare for your day I hope it includes some kind of community fellowship or corporate worship. In a day of so many online choices in addition to physical buildings, the choices are endless. Kind of like standing in the chip aisle at the grocery store – is there really a difference in all these brands? (Yes! There is. Ruffles plain are the best ridged chip! I don’t eat chips often, but when I do I choose Ruffles!)

There are so many different flavors of church to choose from – traditional, contemporary, contemplative, modern, liturgical….and then what does any of that even mean? These are the two I enjoy and both have online services to check out: Maple City Chapel, Goshen, Indiana and Bayside, Bradenton, Florida.

Whatever you do today, make it a day of gratitude for God’s guidance and care for you!

Read: Psalm 37:5-6; Proverbs 3:5-8

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