I believe Jesus is the most authentic person who ever lived. When I read the gospels, I am always inspired with the way Jesus lived from a place of being completely at home in his shoes. He knew who he was, he knew where he had come from and where he was going, he knew what he was here to do and when he was finished. That is exactly how I want to live – from a place of knowing and settledness.

Monday I gave you the following as a definition of authenticity: having an origin supported by unquestionable evidence. What do the following passages tell you about Jesus’ origin?

Reading: John 1:1-4, 14; 6:27c (Notice the last sentence!)

Some did not agree that Jesus was who he said he was. What do these verses tell you about what others thought?

Reading: John 1:10-12; 7:27

Jesus knew that he had come from God and that he would return there. In the next couple of days we will look more closely at how he lived from that place of security.

What can you learn from the way Jesus’ lived? Do you have full assurance that you come from God and that one day you will live with him forever? What do you do when others diminish you or question your authenticity? Before you leave this blog today, ask Jesus what he did when others did not believe he was authentic. I think he will have an interesting answer for you.

2 Comments on “Daily Reads 1.16.2019”

    • Yes I suppose you could say that. I always think about how he didn’t let them keep him from living authentically. I’m tempted to let what others think derail me and he didn’t do that.


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