Genuine is a synonym of authenticity. Genuine can be defined as free from pretense, affectation or hypocrisy; sincere. As I ponder what that looks like in my life the words “free from pretense” stands out to me.

Living free from pretense is literally without the need to pretend. I don’t need to pretend I am something I am not, I don’t have to pretend at all about anything. Read the following scriptures and see what they say about living without pretense.

Read: ; Matthew 15:12-14; Galatians 2:11-14

Notice in these passages what happens when we don’t live from a place of authenticity. What do you see? When you lose sight of who you truly are, what might happen as a result? How far will ripples of pretense go?

2 Comments on “Daily Reads 1.18.2019”

  1. Interesting Scripture choices…as many times as I have read the Bible these struck me in a new way today…Thanks!


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