Does Jesus understand what I am experiencing? Does he get it when I feel betrayed and left out? What if my family treats me like an outsider? What about when I am angry? Or sad?

Yep! He gets it all. I challenge you to give this exercise a try. Next time you are experiencing a difficult situation, ask Jesus about it. Maybe your best friend betrays you. Ask Jesus what he did when he was betrayed. Ask him how he felt. Just see what he says.

Are others plotting against you? Read Matthew 26:3-5

Trouble with a close friend or co-worker? Read John 12:4-6

Trouble with family? Read John 7:1-5

Trouble with anxiety about the future? Read Luke 22:41-44

Have you lost someone close? Read John 11:33-35

Are you misunderstood? Read John 11:5-6, 12-15, 37

Of course, this isn’t a comprehensive list of all the ways Jesus understands. It is just meant to get you thinking. He doesn’t care about you just because he is God and that’s his job. He cares because he knows what it is like to be human and he knows how difficult life is.

Run to him! Run confidently! Run now!

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