Reading: Psalm 62:5-8

What does this psalm teach you about expectations, translated here hope? The first phrase that jumps out at me is “Let all that I am WAIT QUIETLY before God.”

When chaos swirls in my head, I need to sit quietly with the Lord. I ask him what is causing the chaos and wait to see what he shows me. Often, I see unmet expectations I didn’t even know were there.

When I desire, or expect, a certain outcome from an event, I set myself up for disappointment if it isn’t grounded in reality. Often my expectations involve the response of other people and that is something I just can’t realistically predict or control. The event might be a family dinner, an outing with friends or the order of my day. When the wished for outcome does not happen, my mind fills with chaos. If left unchecked, it drowns me in disappointment.

What is disappointing you today? Was your initial desire based in reality? Did something pop up in the day to derail your good plan? Take it to God and wait quietly before him. Ask him to help you see things from his perspective. It’s so safe because he loves you so deeply and there is no judgment attached to his love for you.

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