Reading: Psalm 62:5-8

This is the last day we will read this psalm but there is one more really important principle I want to draw from these verses.

In verse 5, I find these words: “for my hope is in him.” 

The same concept is repeated in verse 6 with these words: “He ALONE is my rock and my salvation.”

Again in verse 7 it says, “My victory and honor come from God ALONE.”

And finally in verse 8 it says, “trust in him at all times.”

Here is what I want you to take away from this passage today….as long as we put our trust in humanity to satisfy our longings and meet our needs, we will be disappointed. When we put our hope in God and his love for us we will NEVER be disappointed. I know. Never is a big word and it means never. But I believe it.

Other people will not able to meet our longings, fulfill our expectations or anticipate our needs. But our Creator, the God of heaven and earth can do just that.

Oh wait! I hear that rumbling. God has already disappointed you. He didn’t fulfill your expectations. Life has brought trouble and God didn’t come through for you in the way you expected. I have experienced and thought those very same things! Check out my blog post “When Life Gets Real.” for more on this topic. But I stand by what I said. God will always come through for you.

Today take a step back and ask, “where am I putting my trust?” Is it in God? In humanity? In yourself?

Put your hope in him for he alone is your help and salvation; your victory and honor come from him alone. So put your trust in him at all times!

Blessings on your Friday. And, oh yeah, it’s my birthday!

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