Does it ever feel like events or circumstances in your life are just random fragments with you as the only thing they have in common? And then on closer inspection, a connection begins to come into focus between seemingly happenstance events. How can this be?

Tonight my daughter said, “Sometimes what we perceive others think about us is actually what we think about ourselves.” Without even knowing it, she encapsulated my thinking over the last couple of weeks.

Read: Proverbs 27:19

Here is my proposition this week: the circumstances in our lives are connected by the belief system formed in our hearts and minds over time. It is a belief system based on what we believe about ourselves and how we fit into the world around us. It can be changed as we become aware of areas that are not healthy thereby improving our experiences in community.

Read: Judges 6:11-18 – consider reading from 1-18 to get the full picture if you have never read this account of Israel’s history.

If you haven’t seen “The Greatest Showman” and you have time this week, it’s a great movie that deals with this issue in a remarkable way. But maybe your schedule doesn’t allow that. Listen here to one of the most insightful songs on that soundtrack, “This is Me!”

Who is speaking the most cutting words to you? Perhaps it is you and you need to drown out those words with a flood of truth.

Looking forward to this week and what we learn together!

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