It is Thursday evening and I am sitting down for the first time all day. It’s been a busy day with my grandchildren, children and life. I am tempted to force myself to come up with something clever for tomorrow. And then I decided not to. I’m not the only one that has days like today. I want you to know that it is normal to get to the end of the day and be spent.

Rather than attempt to make you believe my life is so orderly that I always have time to get everything done, I am going to modify tonight. This week I listened to two songs that really spoke to me. The first one is entitled, “Be Kind to Yourself.” It gave me the courage to forego a longer post tonight.

The second is entitled, “The Father’s House,” and is an expression of yesterday’s post. We are blameless before God so shame has no place in the Father’s house! I hope you enjoy one or both of these songs!

Have a blest weekend!

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