I see so many parallels between my spiritual life and what I experience in the natural realm. Last week the work on the cabin officially began. (Pictures to follow soon!) I’ve shared before the underground work that happened – electric, sewer, water – all necessary. None of it exciting. None of it visible.

That is beginning to change. Visible improvements are happening. The lane to the cabin went in last week. Check this out!

It’s not quite the yellow brick road, but it leads to a wonderful destination where one might just find life has quieted down enough to hear the birds, feel the breeze and encounter the living God.

I pray for those who will make the journey down this road whether it be to find respite, refuge or refreshment. It is those first steps that make all the difference. Much of the soul work we do cannot be seen by others. It is hidden and sacred and completely vital. At some point, though, change begins to happen on the outside. You might smile more, worry less; take chances, trust again. The light shines through the trees, sparkling off the water and suddenly, it will have been worth the effort.

How would you describe your present state of being? Are you satisfied with it? When you are ready for change, it will be waiting there for you. There is no hurry — take your time. In the meantime, God is gently preparing the way. When you are ready, he will take you by the hand and lead you to a better place!

1 Comments on “OUT OF THE CHAOS 05.24.2021”

  1. Oh my…this is SO exciting…can’t wait to see the progress along the way! Just love it…and pray that many will find peace there.


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