Somewhere along the way I learned, as a parent, it was easy for me to over promise and under deliver. I made commitments I couldn’t keep.

Likely, this has as much to do with the way I am put together as anything. I hate to disappoint anyone so I am eager to please. I want to help make your day great even if it costs me more than I can do.

Unfortunately, this also sometimes happens with my grandchildren. During outside spring clean up, we found a baby bunny hiding in the landscaping. Removing the leaves and debris from the winter uncovered the vulnerable, quaking little rabbit. We tried to protect him as much as possible, sheltering him with a box until he could find his mother.

In the meantime, I sent a photo to my granddaughters knowing they would absolutely love it. Sure enough, they did. I talked to my oldest about the bunny and said, “You should have it, Finley!” Immediately, I heard my daughter ask, “Can you follow through on that, Mom?” Hmmm…. was I over promising with a certain outcome of under delivering? Was I going to catch that bunny and give it to her to raise?

If I am honest, it isn’t ever fun to be the recipient of a promise that doesn’t come to fruition. It would be better to not make the commitment than to make it and never come through.

I love what scripture says about God and his promises. Isaiah attributed the coming of the Messiah to the commitment of God to his word.

The passionate commitment of the Lord of Heaven’s Armies will make this happen!

Isaiah 9:7

Passionate commitment! That is a bold and heady statement to me, filled with love. God doesn’t grudgingly fulfill what he says. He isn’t over promising and under delivering. He does what he says, in exactly the right time with passion.

Do you feel like you are waiting for God to act? What promise are you waiting to be fulfilled in your life? Remember, God is a promise keeper, passionately committed to his word. You can count on it!

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