Considering the great commission — while you are on your way, about your every day activity, make disciples. Teach them how to follow me! (Bev’s translation) — what makes doing this complicated or difficult?

The most obvious hindrance is a limited social context – everyone in my circles is already a Jesus follower! It seems this would be an easy obstacle to overcome. I just need to make new friends. Right.

The next, not so obvious hindrance, is a lack of concern for someone who doesn’t know Jesus. I am just fine that someone is sinking in the deep mud of despair. As I said in Monday’s post, praying for an outpouring of love for those who don’t know Jesus is the best place to start.

Along with prayer for love is for open eyes. Eyes that see opportunities to show someone the love that is now welling up within your heart.

12Peter saw his opportunity and addressed the crowd.

Acts 3:12

I pause at this simple statement. Peter saw his opportunity and he acted. He took his every day situation and used it as a springboard to tell someone about Jesus.

How many times have I missed the opportunity to speak words of life and love to a thirsty soul because I wasn’t attentive? Probably so many!

Even while I write this, I received a text message from a member of a team I work with at church. He stopped his day, he took the opportunity, to send an encouraging word to the team, not because he had to but because the love of God overflows in this man.

My greatest problem is I make loving someone too difficult. I need to be more attentive to the simple opportunities that comes my way and then respond.

My prayer for myself today is an overpouring of God’s love in my heart, eyes to see opportunities and courage to do the next best thing! Will you join me?

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