Parenting isn’t for cowards. It is a demanding task with sleepless nights, long days and messy floors. Then there are those times when children don’t appreciate the sacrifices parents make to ensure their comfort, safety and overall well-being. These revelations are often unsolicited and unwelcome glimpses into the child’s mind.

My first experience with these enlightening outbursts occurred when my oldest daughter was in kindergarten. It was a week night and I remember we were sitting on the stairs into our basement. We had been playing and I announced it was time to get ready for bed. Apparently, it was an unpopular thing to say because my five year old daughter said, “You are wrecking my life! Mrs. Yoder is so much nicer!”

Feelings rushed through my body! l was surprised to hear such a strong word from my little girl and just a little hurt that I had been dropped below her kindergarten teacher on the “Most Liked” list. It was a hard moment for me.

Until last week.

Emily, my oldest daughter, was dropping her girls off at daycare. Walking with Finley, her four-year-old, to her classroom, Finley made a casual Tuesday morning announcement. She said, “I wish I had a better mom!” Emily expressed her consternation at this sentiment but Finley assured her it was okay because “she would have the same hair as you and talk the same as you so you would have a friend.” Super! That makes it so much better.

As I considered this event, I knew I had to share some encouraging words with the moms reading this blog.

First, the sentiment children express is felt by all children, and in their under-developed minds, they don’t understand the implications. It hurts, but it isn’t what they really want. Stay strong, get some coffee with a friend and know that later today you will be back in their good graces. This too shall pass!

Secondly, remember parenting isn’t for cowards! The fact that you have children shows you are brave and courageous. Think on Jesus. God took the brave route and sent his only son to earth. Jesus was rejected and neglected and people didn’t believe in him. Many times his children wish for him to be different somehow. Talk to Jesus; he knows exactly how you feel.

Finally, your children will have children some day. It seems to be true that “what goes around comes around” so one day their children will bring it right back to them. I felt bad for my daughter because I knew how she felt, but I admit, I also felt secretly vindicated.

That’s my thoughts on this Monday morning! Have a blessed week walking with Jesus and learning of his good plan for your life!

2 Comments on “OUT OF THE CHAOS 10.04.2021”

  1. Bev, Bambi, Kelly and I are fully enjoying this post as we all have experienced what you are saying. And parenting is NOT for cowards but the greatest privilege we have in life is to raise the children God has entrusted to our care.


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