18I cried out, “I am slipping!” but your unfailing love, O Lord, supported me.

Psalm 94:18

Speaking through the prophet, Isaiah, God says this about the Lord’s Chosen Servant . . .

3He will not crush the weakest reed or put out a flickering candle. He will bring justice to all who have been wronged.

Isaiah 42:3

Matthew helps us understand that Jesus is the Lord’s Chosen Servant!

14Then the Pharisees called a meeting to plot how to kill Jesus. 15But Jesus knew what they were planning. So he left that area, and many people followed him. He healed all the sick among them, 16but he warned them not to reveal who he was. 17This fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah concerning him: 18“Look at my Servant, whom I have chosen. He is my Beloved, who pleases me. I will put my Spirit upon him, and he will proclaim justice to the nations. 19He will not fight or shout or raise his voice in public. 20He will not crush the weakest reed or put out a flickering candle. Finally he will cause justice to be victorious. 21And his name will be the hope of all the world.”

Matthew 12:14-21

Scripture says it best for me today! Lean into these truths while you look Jesus in the eye. Ask him how is he preserving your life today? How is he holding you up, protecting your bruised heart, stabilizing your shaky knees?

He truly is the hope of the world!

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