As I sit in my home office, I look out at the driveway covered in leaves. I know my summer plants are still in their pots on the deck, the ferns are still hanging on their hooks, the cushions are still out. I hear the beginning of that awful phrase in my head that says “You should…” because others have their fall work all buttoned up.

It isn’t just fall work. It might be my diet — keto, mediterannean, paleo, whole 30, clean; my exercise routine — PX90, Barre3, pilates, yoga, beach body, HIIT, virtual training; the subscriptions I have, the car I drive, where I shop, if I recycle, if I change my home decor by seasons, how I entertain — there is no end to the ways I can compare myself to some invisible, unspoken standard of being and doing.

There is a growing trend in advertising and fitness emphasizing acceptance of all people. No matter the shape, size, color, ability – everyone is worthy and is enough just as they are. I love that trend! It’s excellent! It follows the heart of God and is worth achieving. But sometimes even that is overwhelming. Am I accepting enough? Have I accepted in exactly the right way?

Here is the beauty tip for today. Let go of the idea that there is a standard to meet that applies to all people. Over and over scripture affirms people are created equally and uniquely but not alike. We aren’t supposed to be alike. Whether it is what I do, how I look, what I like, what I drive, where I live, how I exercise — I let go of perfection to embrace the IMPERFECTION that is me!

Scripture also emphasizes that we are all fallen. So while I strive to put on the mind of Christ and love others with unconditional love, I will fail. That’s why Jesus came. I need help. Knowing I will fail doesn’t make it acceptable. It makes it normal. I fail but I get back up. I receive grace from Jesus and extend that grace to others. Once again, letting go of the idea I will live perfectly, I embrace my imperfection and gratefully receive grace from others, from God and from myself.

If there is one benefit to growing older, it is the wisdom that accompanies age. I see so clearly that my preferences are good for me, but not necessary for you. I do a better job of taking care of me in a way that honors who I am and allowing you to do the same. I’m not there yet, but every day I move a little further in the right direction.

Is letting go of perfection the beauty strategy you need to adopt today? Is your imperfection getting in the way of true beauty? Remember . . .


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