This morning I am more than grateful that Jesus came as a human. The last few days have been tough for me as I struggle with my own angst and unrest while at the same time walking with several friends through personal situations.

At times like this, I want to fix all the chaos. I want to cry out for the wind to stop and the waves to be quiet. But as I sit with my own unrest, I remember that it is in the chaos that change comes. When we are willing to acknowledge the chaos and embrace the turmoil, we grow stronger.

Last week in Barre3, the instructor lead us through some balance challenges and I wobbled and struggled to maintain the position. She wisely said, “you won’t ever learn to balance if you don’t ever lose your balance.”

I’ve thought a lot about that. I can’t lose my balance if I’m not challenging myself to balance. And it is in embracing the chaos of wobbles that I learn to maintain balance which ultimately helps me all day long.

Today I am praying for you as you face your own personal challenges and chaos. My heart wants to sit next to everyone of you and put my arm around your shoulders and let you know that He is near. Since I can’t, know my prayers are with you as you remember that He gets it! He’s walked this way before and He knows how it feels!

Reading: Hebrews 2:14-15

I have been meditating on this scripture for several weeks. Jesus came to earth in the weakness of a human body so he could set us free from whatever holds us captive. Here it says he set us free from the fear of dying.

I wonder how much of my anxiety and fear boils down to this one thing – fear of dying. As I write this, LivingĀ Hope by Phil Wickham is playing. It captures all of what I believe this scripture is saying!

As you continue your day, pull your shoulders back and hold your head up high. Jesus has great things in store for you today!

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