Comparison is a lack of regard for others and their journeys. Loving others is impossible if you see the people around you as a threat rather than people with potential.

Read: Matthew 22:38-39; Matthew 5:43-47

I have to chuckle a little to see that my post on loving others falls on Valentine’s Day. This is the day when we send the obligatory flowers, cards, chocolates to the people we love and gratefully ignore the people we don’t like.

Maybe you are thinking, “Comparing myself with another doesn’t mean I don’t like them. ” Hmmmm…I wonder about that. Maybe it’s just me, but when I get knocked around the comparison court, I don’t have very nice thoughts toward my opponent. I’m either wanting to best them or I’m feeling badly they bested me. Muttering under my breath, stomping as I turn circles isn’t the best environment for love to grow.

Here is a little trick I have tried and it works for me. When comparison comes knocking, try responding by showing interest in the one you would otherwise compare yourself to. Ask about their day, job, kids, grandkids – whatever you can to connect in a positive way. And find something to appreciate about that person and let them know. You might just find they are more human than you thought.

How can you love someone today that you would rather overlook? Why not send them Valentine wishes?

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