I remember it like it was yesterday. My younger sister and I were playing on the step into our family room. She was singing a song – maybe reciting lyrics – about having a treasure worth more than silver or gold or diamonds. I asked her what she had but, in true sibling fashion, she wouldn’t tell me and she wasn’t going to share. I didn’t have a treasure.

In true sibling fashion, I went to Mom and told her my sister had a treasure and she wouldn’t share. Mom made her tell me. She smugly said, “It’s Jesus!”

Jesus and his wisdom are a treasure. Yesterday we read it is worth leaving all to find.

Read: Job 28:1-4, 12-13, 23, 27-28

If time allows, read the whole chapter. It is fascinating. Otherwise, jump around as suggested.

We began this week thinking about what we put into our minds. It is wisdom that guides those choices and protects us from content that drags us away from a place of peace. Wisdom also guides us and gives us courage to face obstacles in our lives.

Again I ask: How is your diet? Is it helping you grow stronger and filling you with faith? Or is it eating away at your soul and filling you with anxiety, worry, self-loathing?

You choose.

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