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Daily Reads 08.15.2019

Thought: responsibilities of life and a cause worth fighting for can cause weariness. Sometimes we lose sight of the value of how we spend our time. Providing for families, paying bills, working jobs, supporting causes – all take their toll. Henri Nouwen… Read More

Daily Reads 08.14.2019

Thought: Communication that goes unanswered leads to weariness. I have pondered this thought today. And I decided it isn’t just that communication is unanswered, it is the waiting. Waiting can be weary. My nephew and his wife just had their second child… Read More

Eyes on the Prize

As a person who struggles with depression, I am too familiar with what it means to be weary. But that is only one kind of weariness. There is another kind of weariness common to all people, not just those, like me, who… Read More

Daily Reads 08.11.2019

Read: Philippians 4:2-3 I admit, this is an odd passage to choose for a daily devotional. As I read it again, it struck me in a new way. Conflict is a part of life. It happens in families, neighborhoods, churches, jobs, committees… Read More

Daily Reads 08.10.2019

It’s good to be home on my porch soaking up the morning rays. There is no place quite like home, is there? No matter where I wander or where I roam, home is where I want to be at the end of… Read More

Daily Reads 08.08.2019

Flying is a wonderful way to travel. Besides the fact that it shortens travel time considerably, it gives a wonderful bird’s eye perspective of the land below. Some days when the sky is gloomy and overcast, I remember flying. You see, once… Read More

Daily Reads 3.03.2019

This week while studying for the Daily Reads, I listened to a song by Bethel Music, sung by Kristene DiMarco. It is entitled “Take Courage.” It summarizes how I often feel…there seems to be a lot of waiting. But it is in… Read More

Daily Reads 3.02.2019

I remember it like it was yesterday. My younger sister and I were playing on the step into our family room. She was singing a song – maybe reciting lyrics – about having a treasure worth more than silver or gold or… Read More

Daily Reads 3.01.2019

I arrived at my house in Florida Wednesday about 7 p.m. Unconcerned about getting in, I walked confidently to the door, punched in the four digit code and watched the light flash red. Normally, it flashes green and there is a slight… Read More

Daily Reads 2.28.2019

If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking. But when you ask him, be sure your faith is in God alone. James 1:5-6 Let’s review what we have… Read More