The day started fine. I enjoyed the luxury of sleeping a bit longer, then grabbed my coffee and headed to the lanai to read and pray. I picked up a book I bought several weeks ago and began reading. After about an hour, I realized I was no longer remembering what I read. I layed the book aside and decided to do an errand.

A heaviness settled over me I found difficult to shake. Returning from my errand, I grabbed some lunch and then went outside to continue my reading. The heaviness increased. Uncertain if it was the word of the Lord to me or the taunting of the enemy, I found a trusted friend — my husband.

He asked what was bringing me down and I started to share excerpts from my reading and how it impacted me. Even as I shared, I felt the darkness begin to lift. As long as I stayed in my own mind with only my thoughts, the heaviness persisted. But when I shared it and brought it before another who had my best in mind, who could help me to see it objectively, the darkness could not stay. As scripture says, “the light exposes the darkness.” Ephesians 5:13

Today I finish this week with the invitation to bring your darkness into the light. Whatever is working in your mind, causing despair or darkness, bring it to the light by sharing it with someone – someone you trust, someone who can be objective.

Freedom will be yours.

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!

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