Every day we say things like:

“I hope we go out for dinner tonight!”

“I hope I don’t get sick.”

“I hope I don’t run out of gas.”

“I hope the kids come home before dark.”

All of those statements reflect something we wish for, something we want to experience (or avoid), but mixed in is an element of uncertainty. All of these things depend on human ability to control certain factors. It may or may not happen.

HOPE, in God is very different. It isn’t wishful thinking or uncertain wanting when we place our trust in him. It is certainty. It is a quality of the Christian life that has its foundation in the person of Jesus. The original Greek word translated hope in the New Testament carries with it an assurance that we can count on, something to be certain of – we will indeed receive what we hope for; God will fulfill his promises.

To be sure, God isn’t a genie in a pot that we can manipulate into fulfilling our selfish desires. His perspective is higher than mine. I look at the minutiae while he looks at the macro.

Read: Isaiah 55:8-9

I invite you to adjust your perspective today. The small details of the day can be quite distracting, but ask him to help you see the big picture. Quiet yourself before him and listen. He is drawing you in, ready to respond, waiting to fill you with hope once again.

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