Do you ever struggle with taking someone at their word? You know when someone says they will show up – do you expect them to show up? I suppose it depends on if that person has proven to be reliable in past interactions.

There have been times when I said I could/would do something and later regretted it. At times, I even found a way to wiggle out of a commitment. Maybe that makes me question if someone might also do that to me.

Read: Proverbs 3:5-6

A book I read, a prayer I prayed, a text I received all swirled together in my mind today to remind me that I can rely on God and his promises. So, when I come to him in prayer about anything, I know that he hears and answers. I commit my way to him and he leads me in the right way. When I am confused, he will show me what to do.

I don’t mean this figuratively. These are not just nice words to placate or avoid action. I genuinely believe he will literally give me ideas, strategies, plans to live a full life. I really believe that!

So why don’t I act on what I believe more often? Why do I act as if I am so clever that I don’t need help? Proverbs 3:7 says, “Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom.”

In all of this, I am bothered most that I am missing out on what God really wants to show me, the way he wants to provide for me, the way he wants to love me. I think he really wants to show off for me, and I’m not looking.

I invite you to take a look. Let him into your decision making process. Trust him with what you need whether it be finances, wisdom, kindness, protection …. whatever it may be, he is ready to show off for you!

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