Read: Isaiah 53:4-9

Today – the hours between the crucifixion and the resurrection – the most disheartening day for Jesus’ disciples. Their hopes were high that Jesus was going to set them free from Roman oppression, that he was the Messiah. And then Friday happened and they hid. Hid away from the authorities – both Roman and Jewish – wondering what had gone wrong.

But they had forgotten what Jesus told them. He said he was going to die and be raised back to life. More than once, in more than one way, he tried to prepare them for this dark day. But they had forgotten.

I wonder if you are sitting between the crucifixion and the resurrection – between the day the bottom fell out of your world and the realization of a new beginning. Have you forgotten the promises of God? Do you remember that Sunday and the resurrection is coming? Are you cradling your head in your hands wondering what in the world you will do next? Is fear your companion?

Take heart! He said he is making all things new. He is doing something new. Don’t you see it? He has not forgotten or forsaken you, so look around and listen carefully because SUNDAY IS COMING!!!

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