Read: John 20:1-10

An empty tomb! That’s what the women found when they rushed to the garden early that Sunday morning. Despair filled their hearts as they attempted to find Jesus’ body. It made sense to stay at the tomb.

I find it easy to stay at the tomb, to hang around outside. You know, the place where the dead things of my life are kept. Maybe the things I am just not quite ready to get rid of. It might be old friends, sinful habits, wounds – you know, dead things. I stand there waiting … for what?

Jesus died on the cross and they put him in the tomb because that is what happens to things that die. They are buried. But Jesus didn’t stay there. He overcame death and the grave! He walked out of tomb, left his grave clothes behind and left the area full of new life.

Today is an opportunity to worship the Father for all he has accomplished through the death and resurrection of Jesus. On the cross, Jesus experienced physical death for us and he took everything that stood against us and nailed it to the cross (Colossians 2:13-15). He declared it all finished, paid in full. When sin and death are taken off the table, it makes a lot more room for courageous, joy-filled, outrageous living. So let’s get with it! Walk away from the tomb, leave your grave clothes behind and embrace new life in Jesus!


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