There are times when I am asked to explain myself. Not by those who are close to me or even those who are “for me,” but by those who oppose me. How do I know when to give a full explanation and when to smile and nod?

Read: Mark 11:27-33

Jesus’ interaction with the religious leaders of his day often resulted in questions meant to trap Jesus. He was an expert at knowing how to deflect their questions and avoid traps. I learn so much from the way he answered their questions with a question.

Too often I get caught trying to make someone understand the why of my life. And there are times when we can talk until we are blue in the face and our adversary will never understand. Less is more has become my mantra.

How have you been drawn into answering questions that need to be deflected? Do you tend to give too much time to those who are experts at criticism but spend very little time in the trenches? Who are the armchair quarterbacks in your life?

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