Thanks for walking down memory lane with me the last few days. It’s been fun to call to mind events from the past that have shaped and molded who I have become.

As I remember, I see two benefits. First, remembering helps me see how God is present in my life. I see how he was with me in difficult times, I see how he preserved my life, I see how he guided my activity.

Secondly, I see the beautiful times when he said no. I know. It sounds strange. I recently finished a book entitled “The Beautiful No” by Sheri Salata. When life hands us a “NO,” we often wriggle and squirm and look for the yes. But looking back later, we find that the “NO” was the best gift we could have received at the time. It opened the door for another, more beautiful yes.

A few years ago I constructed a life timeline with memorable events, both good and bad. I was surprised to find that the most momentous yeses in my life followed traumatic noes. My conclusion: A beautiful no made room for an even more splendid yes to come my way.

As you have remembered, did you find there were traumatic noes? Did you wonder what place they had? Why are they there? Go back, and look for the way they cleared the way for a beautiful yes later!

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